City inspection walks have been simultaneously happening in London and Vilnius for four months in a small community of neo-futurists. These months neo-futurists were gleaning and sharing with each other site-specific observations, memories, global fears and collective dreams. A series of online/offline workshops enabled to start a dialogue between two contexts and kick off the creative exchange. The virtual dimension, as the space in between, allowed not only to overview the overarching global issues but also to discover the unique qualities of each context.

Neo-futurists in London, Vilnius and in-between: Alisa Oleva, Aistė Gaidilionytė, Kamilė Vasiliauskaitė, Marisa Ferreira, Ksenia Davydova, Erikas Siliuk, Polina Davydova, Augustas Lapinskas, Laura Norkūnaitė, Gemma Hoult, Augusta Orlauskaitė