Neo-futurists are walkers who move not only through urban spaces but also through time. They are city inspectors who investigate cities attentively and generate bizarre ideas about their futures.


Neo-futurists see various urban misfits, glitches, accidents, spontaneous encounters, and rumours as exciting sources of information about cities, which are equally important to scientific or historical facts.


Neo-futurists are constantly developing their 6th sense to decode and interpret various urban matters. They shape all kinds of urban meditations to generate deeper connections to their surroundings.


Neo-futurists are on a mission to uncover diverse urban truths and open up parallel city realities. By gathering all the knowledge into a communal chimera of neo-futuristic stories, they celebrate the growth and heterogeneity of their collective imagination.


Neo-futurists have already lived through many apocalypses. They are constantly speculating on how to prepare for the new environmental extremes and reorganise their daily lives before the cities turn into complete chaos.


Neo-futurists are convinced that soon, the drops of clean, potable water will become our new currency. Thus, they not only perform peculiar water rituals but also trace underground water and continually develop tools for its collection and purification.


Neo-futurists see beauty in any kind of nature, even when it is perceived as parasitic by others. Neo-futurists believe in the wild nature’s right to thrive; thus, they perform various guerilla gardening activities.


Neo-futurists charge their creative energies by (re)connecting to their spiritual ancestors from the cities they walk in.


Neo-futurists do not talk much. They use secret language to communicate with each other.


When neo-futurists meander together, they walk silently in one line until they find one rhythm and adjust each other's hearts to one neo-futuristic beat.


The neo-futuristic network is growing like a mycelium and flourishing throughout different cities. The new neo-futurists are always welcome to join and expand this porous structure.