Neo-futurists are friends with their own body. During their walks, they connect to their surroundings by watching, touching, smelling, and listening carefully.


They walk slowly, patiently and attentively. In this way their mind can rest and disconnect from their everyday problems. Even when presentiments of disasters are floating in the air…


 If you see neo-futurists walking fast, they are meditating. Just let them walk... The other times, when their pace is slow, they love to be interrupted. They do not count time. They count only useless things. For unknown purposes.


Neo-futurists do not talk much. They use a secret language to communicate with each other.


Neo-futurists generate bizarre ideas about future cities and urban leftovers.


Neo–futurists are not afraid of floods, hurricanes or droughts. They have already lived through many apocalypses and trained their eyes and feet to spot the signs of danger.


Neo-futurists see beauty in any kind of nature, even the one that is considered by others as parasite. They love to imagine how many invisible ecosystems might live and grow around us. 


Neo-futurists do not hesitate to take a break under an elm tree and have a cup of Chaga tea to strengthen their stamina in order to walk long distances.


They love to live the moments of togetherness that can be celebrated by simple acts of resting, walking, or guiding each other though the known and unknown paths.


Neo-futurists community is always growing. It is open for everyone and happy to welcome anyone who is willing to join.